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Modern, likely unacademic takes on texts and themes by Mr. C.

The comic book Watchmen might have come to the attention of people interested in more classic literature for its companion piece, Tales of the Black Freighter, a naval horror adventure story very ostensibly inspired by “a certain poem”. That comic was made an animated movie a few years back, and released both as a direct-to-video freebie to the Watchmen movie by Zack Snyder, as well as on its own.

Take heed, though, that the movie is clearly aiming at the fans of Alan Moore’s (the author’s of  Watchmen) works, and to be seen in the context to that larger work. The movie’s not for the faint of heart either; it’s absurd brutality and desolate tone stem from its proximity to the aesthetics of other over-the-top sensationalist fantasy comics from the 1980s. A proximity that, knowing Moore, is likely parodic.

So, why take the time and watch this movie? – Much Coleridge you will not get from it.  But as quality entertainment with the same leitmotif, it manages to deliver, even to people who don’t especially like comic books or animated movies. Alan Moore, after all, might just be one of the “Coleridges” of our time.

For further information, and to buy a hard copy of the movie if you’re interested: