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The more you know: Marvel Comics character The Shroud, notorious for his pulpy and more than mildly xenophobic portrayal of the Hindu religion, goes with the name Maximillian Quincy Coleridge. 

Shroud Cover

As an admitted nerd and connaisseur of the comic book scene, I wonder if the name was given to this character for his similarity to the Romantic depictions of The Wandering Jew, and for other allusions to Gothic literature, or if the choice of the name was completely arbitrary.

Honestly, and don’t quote me on this, I think I remember that the comics in which the Shroud appeared always had a distinct American Gothic feel to me; but then again, that could be a conceptual decision simply based on the fact that the character is designed ooh so hard as an Ersatz Batman, and that such a figure dwells just in the same dark alleys and in the same perpetual autumn as its role model.

Still, interesting. If anybody finds if any of the many authors of the Marvel universe ever played with this in a way that directly references Mr C, please let me know!

Image from www.adherents.com.