Even people as dry as specialists on 19th century poetry should be able to laugh about that one. PANTisocracy, get it?!

So, I sacrificed some of my precious little free time to get into the subject of pantisocracy… And decided that now just wasn’t the time. Like, not for a series of posts, at least. I like to deal with complex topics rather than simple ones, but this one would likely not be very rewarding to readers. I’ll likely introduce the topic properly first. But at a later time.

Humbled by the failure of this (at the end of the day, considerably small) effort, I have decided to do a safer thing first:

I’ll start blogging about my actual research. Now, for fairness purposes, I won’t be revealing the topic that I am investigating, but for fellow other investigators, this should be funnier, and less random.

More in the next post…