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So, apparently, in the early 2000s, there was a movie about Coleridge’s and Wordsworth’s friendship, and according to IMDB, it’s the only motion picture in English that actually aims at being a true biographical portrait.

Pandaemonium, released in the year 2000, stars John Hannah as Wordsworth, Linus Roache as our own Mr C, and, notably, Samantha Morton as Sara Coleridge, which, from today’s perspective, makes it a star vehicle in retrospect.

I haven’t seen the movie so far, but from the excerpts available online, I get the impression that this was not necessarily a loss on my side. While I appreciate the efforts many directors undertake to make topics as escaped from modern society’s perception like the rural life in England during the Napoleonic era accessible to modern audiences, I dread how historicity is usually given up to tell some sort of adventure story.

Did I order the DVD immediately after learning of the movie? – Yes.

But do I expect much from it? – No.

If you happen to have watched it, let me know your opinion.



Especially the Kubla Khan clip makes me cringe, can’t help it. Well, cinematography surely has made a big leap since the turn of the century, but some stuff just doesn’t age well, I guess…