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So, in my last post, I spoke about the metal band Nightwish, and their references to Coleridge’s “Rime” in their 2004 album, Dark Passion Play.

Now, one might ask, with two songs on the same album referencing the same poem, is there a bigger concept behind those mentions? I’d say, not so much. One thing that has always kind of bummed me out about Nightwish’s studio albums was the lack of a concept or plot, something that most lesser known metal bands usually manage to work into their music, like, say Dream Theater, Avantasia, or Blind Guardian. – That’s not judgement about the music itself; of course. But don’t expect Dark Passion Play to be a musical setting of poetry, or, for that matter, the lyrics of the songs to be deep, post-modern reflections about topics first touched by the Romantics. Nightwish, like most bands of its kind, enjoys making mostly unpretentious folk metal with a distinctively escapist tone, no more, no less. To enjoy it best, is take it for what it is, at face value.