So, a few days back, I listened to this presentation on Youtube:

Wonderful presentation for what presumably is a wonderful book – British Romanticism and the Catholic Question: Religion, History, and National Identity, 1778-1829, written by Machel Tomko. Let’s be clear, if you are a guy like me, what you do after watching this video, is, of course, you check on amazon if this book, being a text that should be of profound interest for anybody dealing with English Romanticism, is somehow available.

Well, turns out, it is.

Hardcover: 84 $.

Kindle Edition: 60 $.

Check for yourselves:



And this is where I get to the point where I have to ask, are you THE BLEEP kidding me? Now, I understand that a book like that one has to have a limited print run, and thus, especially after a while, will become so expensive that it goes out of the financial reach of private readers.

But really, 60 bucks for the Kindle Edition? COME. THE HELL. ON.

I am not sure what this is, since it’s clearly not one of the “phantom books” that plague our field of science (books that are talked about, but never surface anywhere as a full text). I am sure this is definitely a ripoff, though, because, however good, 60 bucks to download a piece of data is not even jstor-level of insolence any more.

Sometimes, it seems, you can indeed judge a book by it’s cover… Prize. 😉