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On Goodreads, I recently gave a, like, two-sentence evaluation of the likely most common illustrated edition of Coleridge’s “Rime”, which is Doré’s:

I criticize, of course, not the art, but the layout of the text. If I myself can put together the document in MS Word in about ten minutes, then it’s usually not really worth my money.

I’d like to see an illustrated edition of Coleridge’s work, “The Rime”, or any other, that either puts Doré in scene like he deserves, or one that really breaks the patterns, and does something crazy; like an edition of “The Rime” that compiles some modern art, I would buy that. – If you know of one, let me know. (…Uuuh, what a bad sentence. :))

Like, just think how cool it would be if one could use, say, Salvador Dalí’s art. Just think, the first draft of Dali’s El Barco, from 1934…