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Well, it’s probably not really “news” any more, given that the fundraising ended ten months ago already, but London-based band The Tiger Lillies did a ‘Kickstarter’ (crowd-funding campaign) to finance their musical adaptation of The Rime.

(I don’t want to take away any money from the artists: This video seems to be a live recording, and to be distributed legally. Otherwise, I would not post it here.)

Now, on the risk of sounding mean-spirited, or unsophisticated, or primitive, or dull,  but I have listened to the result of the funding so far, and, let’s put it like this:

It will have to grow on me yet. First, in the immortal words of Patrick Jane, I fully recognize that there are things beyond my understanding; that would be golf and the musical theater of the ’30s and ’40s. And so far, I have concluded that The Tiger Lillies are not ‘golf’.

Seriously, I simply don’t like Dark Cabaret, or whatever that style is called. That’s my mistake. And The Tiger Lillies don’t make a strong case to convince me, either. Not that they would be obliged to do so, though, and probably somebody more invested in this musical genre can enjoy this more than I did. 

I will say one good thing about them, though: The performance is very rad. It speaks for my ignorance of the genre that the only direct association I have is The Smashing Pumpkins, and their classic Tonight, which was one of my favorite music videos back when I was, uhm, a baby.

Anyway, this was an interesting experience for me, to say, at least.