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So, I just stumbled upon this old article from The Wordsworth Circle on how the place where Coleridge composed what are universally regarded his finest poetical works was saved from oblivion.

The history of building itself, now obviously a museum, seems to be quite a troubled one. – Not going to post the entire article here; I am no leecher. Read it over here, if you like. Also, my best regards to the author who was so friendly and put this online.

Here’s a snippet from the article, though, that had me all nerd, nerd, nerd, nerd:


This is the earliest known photograph of the cottage. It appears to have been taken in about 1890. The Moore family who owned the cottage are at the entrance to the inn. The point at which the roof had been raised is much clearer in this photograph than in later pictures. The building opposite is the First and Last, in use as a public house since 1871 (in 1982 it was renamed The Ancient Mariner). (Photo reproduced by kind permission of the Moore family.)


The British National Trust runs a nice and informative website about the cottage. Check it here.