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Now, I found this article quite a while ago, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to post about it, because it’s so artless copypasta.

However, for researchers of any kind, this might still be somewhat of an useful information, so, here I go:

British Library acquires ‘outstanding’ Coleridge family archive


So, the Coleridge family archive is in the possession of the British Library since 2006. Highlights include manuscripts and letters by Mr C himself.

– Or, better, the archive as collected by Sir John Coleridge’s family:

Samuel Taylor Coleridge was brother to James Taylor.

James Taylor was father to John Taylor.

John Taylor was father to John Duke, who became the 1st Baron Coleridge in 1874.

Why is this an important distinction? – Because Coleridge’s direct bloodline survived quite a long time (judging from what I found on Google alone), and as the last prominent members of the family, Ernest and Christabel Rose, apparently died without having any offsprings themselves, I wonder what became of their family’s archive, if such a thing ever existed.

Geez, I hope I inspire some treasure hunter. No, no Final Fantasy VI joke incoming. But you dodged it only barely. 😉