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Richard Armitage should be on the covers of all movie magazines these days; after all, he portrays the grumpy, yet valiant Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s new Hobbit movie.


Armitage has shared the fate of many British actors in the Hollywood-centric English-speaking cinema, and remained relatively under the radar, despite of immense talent. Then again, the good thing about this is, he really had time to do some classic – and classy – stuff, like this reading of one of my favorite poems.

“A Silent City”, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The silence of the city, how awful at midnight!
Mute as the battlements and crags and towers
That Fancy makes in the clouds, yea, as mute
As the moonlight that sleeps on the steady vanes.

The cell of a departed anchoret,
His skeleton and flitting ghost are there,
Sole tenants —
And all the city silent as the moon
That steeps in quiet light the steady vanes
Of her huge temples.