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…And sometimes, one sticks to the era, just for fun.

I have to confess, I have never delved too deep into the works and oh-so-exciting life of Lord Byron. I have read his letters, I have read a play I considered profoundly boring (Cain), but outside of some stanzas about getting either hanged or knighted, I was just not interested.

However, this DVD I picked up by mere chance, I expect to be just as much a historical rendition of his life, as I would expect, to, say, the next Superman movie display realistic use of physics. But it is darn entertaining! – If you find it cheap, enjoy!

Also, Mr Johnny Lee Miller, please do more stuff like this, and stop raping Sherlock Holmes. Awww goodness, I watched a few episodes of this new “Elementarily”, and it is SO bad. Mr Miller, who starred in one of my favorite movies, Plunkett & Macleane, please do other stuff, and leave my Conan Doyle alone!