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So, in the first version of the last post, about The Fall of Robespierre, I wrote:

More copypasta, and tonight, I am reasonably drunk, so this might be entertaining.

…Which is kind of remarkable, because I am not. I don’t even drink, unless it would be an offense to my hosts or to my company not to take a small sip of wine or beer now and then.

Which prompts me to think: How the hell did this make it into the draft for the blog entry?! When was I even tipsy over the last, what 18 months?! No, I don’t lead THAT of an orderly life, but I really cannot think of any occasion…

When Spain won the European Championship in soccer, mayhaps? When I returned from the “Red Wedding”? When I stayed up to watch that UFC card, and then couldn’t sleep any more and had a beer? – Most mysterious, this.

Also, yes, I like poetry, and Ultimate Fighting. Deal with it.