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So, we know that Thomas Ashe was the editor of Mr C’s writings for the rather famous Aldine Series. With the help of the Internet Archive, I was able to recover some of those texts, for your pleasure.

Now, you will understand, the topic of Ashe’s edition itself would likely take years of thorough investigation; I can’t do that, not even on a long and peaceful Saturday morning.

So, you, dear reader, will have to make do with a rather superficial approach. Or, you know, read up yourself.

First, let’s take a look at Ashe’s magnum opus, at least from the point of view of us Coleridgians. -Aaaaaah, this will be a thing of beauty! Enjoy!

“The Poetical Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge”,1885.



Oddly enough, only one of the two-volume edition seems available through the Internet Archive. 

Still, this edition contains all the integral works of Coleridge, and Ashe’s annotations might be worth a look even to the scholar that just passes by.

Also an oddity is that this edition is usually hailed as groundbreaking; might just be me, but other editions I saw from about the same era seemed more interesting to me. But that’s another tale, for another time…


Miscellanies, Aesthetic and Literary: To which is Added The Theory of Life, 1885.





A collection of essays that Ashe considered of special importance; notably for including a few texts that before hand been considered lost. From today’s perspective, with the actual Coleridge editions by OUP and on, likely unnecessary, but probably worth a look if one is searching for a rather obscure topic to investigate.


I was to post some more, but unfortunately, the Internet Archive is down for maintenance. Well, more on a later occasion, then.

Suffice to say, I enjoy this pestering through old books IMMENSELY, even if it is just in a digital library…