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Now, after using the holidays of working down my to-do list, of, well, things I had left to do, let’s take a step for a moment and assess the situation:

  1. Creating content for this blog is easier than I had thought.
  2. I enjoy looking for content on the blog.
  3. The blog seems to get at least a little bit of attention.

So… Up to new deeds!

This year was mostly about getting started.

Next year will be about getting established.

This year was mostly about getting acquainted with the topics I want to investigate.

Next year will be about doing more advanced reading.

Also, and most importantly, starting January 1st, I will be working on getting word out about this blog – mainly, by creating a useful blogroll/linklist.

So, if you have a website treating with my topic (Coleridge in particular, and the Napoleonic era in general), let me know, and we can exchange banners. 🙂

That said, woohoo, 2013! Have a happy start into the new year, everybody!