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william hope hodgson

From poet Phillip Ellis comes this fine tribute to Hodgson.  As we come near the end of 2012, it feels appropriate to post this in remembrance of Hodgson.  Many thanks to Phillip for contributing this lovely poem.

“The Sailor of the Seas of Time”

by Phillip Ellis

I saw the coasts of the unknown world
–William Hope Hodgson, “The Morning Lands” line 1

The sailor has retired from the known seas:
upon that darker shore he’s built his manse,
with widow’s walk so that he knows the ocean,
and, in a sheltered room when night intrudes,

he soon retires with lanthorn and a book,
a tome of tales unwritten in these lands,
and pauses while he ponders on his death
within a Nightland torn by human war.

The sailor has retired, yet does not mourn
the seas we sail upon, bound by our time,
and looks instead upon the seas…

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