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Well, by this point, you, my dear readers, might guess already that my main interest in reading Coleridge’s work focuses on his Rime, and the literary trope of “The Wandering Jew”, or, in more modern (and politically correct) terms, “The Eternal Wanderer”.

(If you think I am making racist remarks, please read up over here; far from it, actually. It’s simply the established term.)

So, well, outside of the blog, my focus is quite obviously not on Coleridge’s cursed Mariner alone; so this is why I often take detours into other times and genres, to find new expressions of this trope.

Tonight I stumbled over a particularly mesmerizing one, which I repost here, for your pleasure:


The abstract story about a lone survivor lost in a dying world. A man struggles to connect pieces from his daily scavenging routine and bits from his repressed memory. When a woman appears in his desolate forest world, she’s intent on making him face his past and consequent fate.

Found it over here:


A mesmerizing, deeply haunting movie. Enjoy!