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The first few ones, courtesy of the Clara Bow Archive:

Those pictures are interesting already, as they clearly show that the movie was not filmed a period piece (as in, the loving couple could well have been the wedding couple from the poem, or whatever), but very much set in the present day of the film’s release.

Another excerpt from a newspaper or magazine, courtesy of our WordPress coleagues at heroculte:

This one being of special note, as it contains a short comment on the movie:




And, last but not least, an item from amazon.co.uk, presumably depicting the aforementioned dream sequence, presumably the only part of the movie that in fact emulates Coleridge’s actual poem:


The picture is also available in a bigger resolution over here:




…Presumably the scene right after the Mariner shoots the albatross; a worthy moment to survive to us, caught on photo! 🙂