Where this picture comes from?

In my next post.


Hi all,

100 posts already!

Guess this blog is slowly, very slowly, on the long, long way to establish itself as what I envisioned – a rather lighthearted companion to my own research efforts, and, more than anything else, an entertaining read for y’all.

100 posts ago, this was an experiment.

Now, it’s “that thing I do”. 🙂

Let’s see if I can make 150 posts!


So, what do I take from this, and what do you, dear readers, have to expect from this blog?

Well, for once, I enjoy this. When I started the research, I feared it would be terribly dry. I am pleased to say, so far, it isn’t.

And then, the time to find my personal trail to follow is over. I have twenty-something drafts left to finish for the page, but after that, posting will slow down – as I embark on a bigger project:

Starting March, I will do a chapter-by-chapter dissection of the arguably most famous book on Coleridge, James Livingston Lowes’ The Road to Xanadu. I might also go through another one or two other books, likely historical, for the sake of more contextual information. – Later this year, I will likely take a moment to pursue a totally different concept, which is the history of 18th century science. In autumn season, finally, I will take an equally close look at two writers in my opinion supremely influenced by Coleridge, which would be Poe and Baudelaire.

So, this is what you’re in for.


Let me know how you like my stuff, whenever I do something particularly good, or bad, or whatever.

And most importantly, I hope you enjoy what I dig out for you! 🙂

Happy blogging,