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This is one of the very best blogs on literature that I stumbled upon online so far.

That it, in fact, deals with one of my favorite authors is just a welcome bonus; it’s so good that I would likely read it anyway:

William Hope Hodgson, today mostly  remembered as the ceator of Carnacki the Ghost-Finder, but praise-worthy for laying the foundations on which H. P. Lovecraft and Gene Wolfe (ooooooh, click those links) would build their fiction.

The blog essentially does what I do with Coleridge – exploring our writer of choice’s work in all its dimensions; in comparison, I have it easy, because Coleridge is so, uhm, mainstream. But to tell the truth, the guys behind the Hodgson blog serve me as a model when I pick the topics I want to deal with. Granted, Hodgson is indefinitely more obscure (and more one-dimensional) that our own Mr C, but the blog delivers even so.

So, here, a warm recommendation to give this blog a long good look:


It’s one of the best out there, and this is not my inner fanboy speaking.