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Another blog, more focused on Your Coleridge’s core topics this time.

A resource, and a source of inspiration at the same time, Sifting The Past essentially analyzes classical paintings, with an emphasis on Restoriation and Age of Enlightenment art.

Why is this important?!

Well, what do I babble on and on about all the time? About the ability to contextualize!

Text-immanent research is bullshit. You need to know the world of your author.

And since we have no photos… Paintings and drawings it is!

And, oh, you learn so much, even if you follow the minimalist posts that are Sifting The Past’s trademark.

In short, there is absolutely no excuse for anybody seriously interested in 18th century history not to follow that blog. Do it!

To conclude, I’ll post the blog’s own mission statement:

We love history, and it seems everything we do leads back to it in some way or another. We would all love to have a time machine, and in one way we do. It seems that in history past, artists and writers and just regular people recorded what they saw and what they did, and these recordings call out to us.

The more we study the easier it becomes to understand. Once an object is found being used in a half-dozen paintings by different artists, it becomes second nature to divine the purpose and design of that object. At times we are perplexed about an image and only later after further study of some other picture or text or comment do we really begin to understand.

We thought that a daily image or text might be a great and quick way of starting that chain of events that helps someone understand the object in history just a little bit better. Our goal is to post one historical picture or text per day in hopes that we might generate some conversation by which we might all gain a better perspective on the time period.

Blogging about our topics, it doesn’t get much better than Sifting The Past does it, even though, ironically, little more is done than posting some obscure works of art and highlighting the details. …And yet, the blog delivers like little else I have read online. 🙂