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I am going to be blunt: Much of my time at university revolved around one topic alone. Under all circumstances, to avoid reading Samuel Richardson, Jane Austen, and the Bronte Sisters.

Not even the zombifications of their books, old and new, could bring me to read them.

Probably, I never will, being a faithful and sacrificing 21st century boyfriend, who has suffered through, what, at least thirty different movies based on Pride And Prejudice,  Jane Eyre, and, of course, Wuthering Heights. Even if that last novel was kind of cool. And even though the Brontes invented D&D. – Noooo, I am failing! Stay strong, Rafe!

WHAT I ACTUALLY WANT TO SAY is, bronteblog.blogspot.com is one of the finest resources on Victorian literature and cultural studies. While I am probably going to upset the ladies when I say that I am pretty sure every man of my age freezes in horror for all the wrong reasons when the name “Heathcliff” is as much as mentioned, I enjoy reading the blog. Because it’s really, really, very well done, and it opens a wider perspective for people interested in the 19th century.


You know, maybe it’s just me, but what I believe to observe with my peers is that they tend to look at historical periods in a very enclosed sense – meaning that people don’t really look outside their author’s immediate environment:

When I first cared to overcome my horror, and actually take a closer look at the Brontes (I am such a hyprocrite, but more about that later 🙂 ) what I really thought was, wow, some of those books were published during Wordsworth’s lifetime! I wonder if he had something to say about them…