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Oh, what a nerd I am!

One of the best poems I’ve read in the last few months – Essentially, everything Teasdale writes, I like, but this one, in particular: You might guess it, I am reading her collected poems right now, via a collection by digireads.com that I found on amazon.com, but doesn’t seem to be available any more. In any case, get it, if you can find it. Teasdale is, lamentably, sometimes very cheesy, not to use the modern word “emo”, but overall, she is still a brilliant poet. I don’t know how it goes in English-speaking countries, but over here, she is completely, profoundly unknown – unjustly, I think.

(Text transcribed from aforementioned digireads-compilation.)

The Inn of Earth

I came to the crowded Inn of Earth,
And called for a cup of wine,
But the Host went by with averted eye
From a thirst as keen as mine.

Then I sat down with weariness
And asked a bit of bread,
But the Host went by with averted eye
And never a word he said.

While always from the outer night
The waiting souls came in
With stifled cries of sharp surprise
At all the light and din.

“Then give me a bed to sleep,” I said,
“For midnight comes apace”–
But the Host went by with averted eye
And I never saw his face.

“Since there is neither food nor rest,
I go where I fared before”–
But the Host went by with averted eye
And barred the outer door.