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All my recent rants might make people think that I am some sort of Shrek-like misanthropist who thinks TV is generally bad, and so on.

Nothing farther from the truth! I just like stuff that is,  quite frankly, not dumb. Campiness can be good fun, but only if something campy is consciously made campy. If you know what I mean.

If the campiness is unintentional, not good. And, by Hextor, just leave classic literature alone! From the softcore porn version of Treasure Island, over the rather ridiculous demonization of Edgar Allan Poe, to the mind-numbing stupidity that is made of Washington Irving’s SATIRE Sleepy Hollow. (yes, it was a satire, not a ghost story. A satire about bigotted intellectuals, nothing about rolling heads.)

This war that US television seems to wage against literacy, it needs to stop. Stevenson, Poe, and Irving, three of the greatest authors to have ever graced the English language with its use, abused – not humorously persiflied, not mocked, not discussed, just abused – the way they are in a series of cheap TV that I wil not honor by linking to it again, is quite simply disgusting. – The lack of education is the beginning of slavery. Lack of education begins when people stop to read, or are told that books are bad for no good reason. There you go, Kevin Bacon, there you go!

But enough of this; more than that specifically The Following abuses one of my personal heroes in literary history, it offends me because it’s blatantly bad horror, one example for a genre that, very much in general, seems to deteriorate.

That’s my I was so charmed – and now we get to the core of this overlong article – by former Rue Morgue editor Jovanka Vuckovic’s first foray into filmmaking. I am not even all too much into horror as a genre by itself, but I had heard from this one already, and how awesome it would be.

And, after a year or so of waiting, here I went, and watched it.

And it lived up to the high expectations I had.

Check out more details here: http://thecapturedbird.com/

I sincerely hope this gets made a full-length feature – if Yuckovic can keep the mood and the tension for 90+ minutes remains up to see, but this is a great promise for a genre that has been devoid of perspective for quite a while.

Now, you will likely scold me again, but when was the last horror movie that had both mainstream appeal and some sort of intellectual dimension? Outside of The Captured Bird, a short film, no less, I find it very hard to come up with a name.