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I am taking my yearly holiday, and so will likely not be available for the eight weeks or so. Not available to spend gloomy evenings over the Mariner or Xanadu, at least.

It might not even be a bad thing to take a break – I have been blogging with interruptions of only two or three days ever since last summer, and that takes its toll.

After my return, the focus of the blog will switch considerably; the focus this year has mainly been on Coleridge’s reception by later writers. The focus that I want to find for the blog on the long run has to be Mr C himself.

But in the meantime, I’ll be happy to let Coleridge be Coleridge, and read a few of the books that bulk on my nightshelf: Mainly, Ellen Kushner’s Riverside series, and, arguably of bigger relevance to our endeavors here, Kenneth Silverman’s biography of Edgar Allan Poe.

So, without further addo, see you when I have gained my summer tan, and thanks for all the albatrosses!