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Took me a while longer to get adjusted back to a life of regular blogging. Sorry, folks, but here we go again…

Never was a story so ridiculously overused as Romeo and Juliet, from Underworld to Twilight, to the slightly watchable Leonardo diCaprio surfer movie from the late 90s.

This time, we get a movie that is slightly closer to Shakespeare’s original play, even though apparently still a movie aiming at a teenage audience. While this is hopefully not as obvious a crapfest as, I don’t know, Ichabod Crane being a timetravelling alien hunter, and while the supporting cast looks stellar, I can yet see the cheese dripping.

Joss Whedon’s interpretation of Much Ado About Nothing, to the contrary, though set in present day, seems much more interesting to me. My personal Oscar might go to another movie, though, even though the trailer is not out yet: Michael Almereyda and Ethan Hawke team up for more Shakespeare, after their superb rendition of Hamlet (oh, I am too lazy now to post the trailer, just google it.)

This time, it’s Cymbeline.