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The Danish film, A Royal Affair, is probably the best costume flick that’s out this year. Still, a bit of a drag. (No pun intended.) I had meant to write a lengthy review, but alas, here the Duchess of Devonshire put all my thoughts into words for me. Minus the fabulousness, though.

It has been, what seems too long in my mind since I have had a movie to review. Thank goodness for the Danish film, A Royal Affair, which came out last year and even won an Oscar for best foreign film.  It tells the story of  that old tart, Queen Caroline Matilda(sister to King George III) and her (royal) affair with Dr Struensee.  It had to be spicy and scandalous and good, right? Right?  Sigh…I have to admit, I didn’t quite care for it.  Perhaps it was mostly because I felt I had seen it before?

The movie begins with young Caroline excited about the prospect of being Queen of Denmark.  After riding in a beautiful carriage she meets the king in the woods of her new home country and the initial meeting between the couple is awkward, but Caroline tries to ignore it.  When they arrive at the palace the king jumps out of the carriage to shower affection on his dog.  Upon her arrival, Caroline is robbed of her precious books and told they have plenty, more suitable Danish books for her to read.  Is it just me, or does this sound like a mash up of The Duchess and Marie Antoinette?  There was even the same camera shot of a birds-eye view of the carriage going under and arch to enter what would be Caroline’s new home…

Enjoy the full article over the Duchess’ blog – in general, the blog’s a rewarding read, by the way: