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The cover to the “Poe & Phillips”, by Jaime Collado and Arcana Studio. If you find it, certainly a funny piece of comic book! 🙂

It might seem odd that, by the end of August, I have the entire remainder of the year pretty much planned through – and beyond that, actually.

I promised less randomness in the choice of the topics that I treat here, and so, here we go:

September will be Lovecraft month for us, because I like the idea.

October then will be Poe month. Because I like the idea.

Then, starting in November, I’ll periodically publish a very long piece on Coleridge, written by Friend of the Blog, Ben Manning (buy his book, will ya?), which will serve us as material for well into 2014.

That, plus the usual stack of news, shenanigans, and stuff I simply like, will likely make for a good Coleridgian winter… Or so I hope!

However, there’s one thing I’d like to have you people’s opinion on – what course the blog, now that it is – arguably – established as a source for connaisseurs of Coleridge, is going to take in the coming year:

2014 will be a decisive year in regards of my career, so, I’ll have to focus on that. And because of that, if I don’t want to give up on Coleridge, I have to do some long-term planning.

So, I’ll let you decide: Which one of the following topics should Your Coleridge focus on in 2014?

(Mind you that the majority decision will determine what about 50 of our average 80 posts per year will treat with!)

So, people, speak your voice, and I shall listen!