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September is Lovecraft Month at Your Coleridge!

As H. P. Lovecraft, while in retrospect perhaps one of the most influential English writer of the 20th century, remains largely unknown outside of what I am inclined to call modern Gothic fiction, I have decided to give you, dear readers/watchers/internautas a short introduction to his life and times.

Once again, I am going to cite others, and let them speak on my behalf: Not because I was too lazy to write something on my own but… Because they quite simply do it better than me, even though I might disagree with some of the points they make. (Even strongly, here and there.)

The connection to Coleridge, even though it might not seem all too apparent, lies in a number of similarities in the use, the paring, and the pacing of certain literary tropes. In fact, if my small endeavor with this blog ever pays off in some form, it would be in me writing that miraculous treatise dealing with the connection between Coleridge, Poe, Baudelaire, and Lovecraft. The same way that other, keener minds than myself have done so with Poe, Baudelaire and Eliot.

But more on that, later.

For now, let’s follow the trail of Cthulhu, and enter Lovecraft Month…



EDIT: I trust that the videos linked here are nor pirated, but fan films/part of the public domain. Don’t pirate, and don’t sue me.