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As you might guess, dear reader, I have been a bit busy over the last two weeks. So, let me give you this little nugget, for the moment, before I can return to write longer pieces again:

Scientific Hoaxes from the Gaslight Age

The article is written in the same sensationalist tone that lamentably marks most nerd culture outings these days. Yet, for those not too well acquainted with the topic, it might be an interesting insight, as these stories mirror H. P. Lovecraft reality of thought, at least what he draws upon in his stories…

My personal belief, even though other statements of the master of modern horror himself are known, is that Lovecraft grew to despise the sensationalist genre, and wrote his stories, from the very early ones, as satiric treatises. I recommend people to really go and get them a copy of some of the sillier displays of early 20th-century-theosophism to get an idea of how ridiculous, and yet, universally discussed, some of those ideas were.