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Before Germany’s history would become to be a real-life horror stories, the Germans, and not the English were considered the masters of horror. Don’t believe me? Read up on the origins of the Gothic novel, hehehe.

One of the German masters of the Gothic, that is, if we don’t count Schiller and Goethe themselves, is a woman, not as prolific, but arguably comparable to Anne Radcliffe in her importance for the genre: Annette von Droste-Hülshoff.

Her most famous poem, Der Knabe im Moor, ranks among the best outings of German Gothic poetry. It’s as important to German Romanticism as the Mariner is for the English part of the movement, as far as I see it.

Before I present you the text, dear reader, let’s look further than just on the lyrical side of things: Let’s look at the images that the poem conjures… With this masterful student movie.

You don’t know what “Der Knabe im Moor” means in English? – You will soon be able to guess. Mwahaha.

Autumn is the gloomy season, indeed.