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What? – Yes, a three-hour video as a blog post is a rather cheap way to opt out of writing a long article on such a hot summer’s day. On the other end, we’re talking about music here. So we should listen to some.

On a rather general level, I find it funny that, in our day and age, the music of Romanticism is still universally revered, while the writings of that era are, in a broad generalisation, all but dead. Apart from the usual Gothic nod, or the annual “Ivanhoe”-reruns on TV, where does the average citizen without professional relation to the topic even get in touch with it? – Through the radio. 🙂 And I am not trying to be snobbish here, at all. Most people who deal in books are incredibly arrogant about other people not being into their topics. I find that to be an extremely embarassing, and hypocritical behavior.

And on a specific level, woohoo, Don Giovanni! Don Juan! From Dumas to Zorrilla, the one big trope that unites 19th century European literature. And while Mozart didn’t invent it, and while a certain Mr Horace Walpole also had a hand in it, Mozart’s opera certainly introduced the story to the audiences of his day!

The video is from Youtube, and hope its redistribution through that channel is legal. Please don’t “sue” me, anyone. Unless your name is Sue.