Looking for writers!

I am looking for writers for the Coleridge blog!

Looking for writers for “Your Coleridge! – When and why this should concern you:

  1. …If you’re an active member in the community of Romantic researchers. I often get notes and PMs from people that ask me to post certain announcements, or talk about an upcoming project. Post them yourselves, right here!
  2. …If you’re a “Friend of the Blog”, and I have shared material by you earlier on. That means that I consider your contributions interesting, and relevant to the topics we deal with here.
  3. If you feel you have something meaningful to contribute – like, any thoughts on Coleridge, or his time and age, or his heritage, or…. Again, whatever you consider interesting enough to be shared.

How you become a writer for “Your Coleridge”:

  1. PM, or email me, at: daysofrain@email.de
  2. Hit me up on Facebook, under my work account: https://www.facebook.com/raphael.pinthus
  3. Comment on the blog, indicate your interest.

Please note, though, that I don’t give out writer rights blindly. If you’re interested in contributing to the blog, please explain (briefly, three sentences are more than enough), your motivation, and your planned contribution. Please mind that abusing writer rights will lead to their withdrawal.

Why I do this/what’s in it for me

  1. I like to learn new stuff.
  2. I want to bring the community closer together, and get to know cool people from all over the world that are connected to my own studies.
  3. I want to continue blogging about Coleridge, and your contributions will surely serve to motivate me, and to keep me with the general topic.

So, let me know if you think you are fit to become a writer at “Your Coleridge”!




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